Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Use ExcelReader to Read DataSet with ExcelReader.DataSet From Excel In C Sharp

This post is related to my video in which I show you how to read data from an Excel file using ExcelDataReader, which is a free and open source package for use in C# .Net.
I specifically show you how to use this library to read data for test automation purposes.

The ExcelDataReader lets us read test configuration data from an Excel file.
An easy to understand code sample is available on the GitHub Repository of ExcelDataReader. I took that code and customized it to use with an automated test.

In my opinion the best place to load data in a DataSet (System.DataSet) is in the ClassInitialize method.
We can then write utility methods to extract data from various data tables(System.DataTable) according to our own logic.

The most important method call we will make to read data will be ExcelReader.AsDataSet().
Once we read data in a simple way, I will also show you how to use an object of ExcelDataSetConfiguration to make the library treat very first row of an Excel sheet as a header row.

Please note that this code might be used with Selenium, Appium, Coded UI automated tests. It can also be used in non-test automation scenarios as well if need be.

The video is also a part of my Udemy course about automated UI testing of Windows applications using Appium and WinAppDriver. The link is given below.
Appium WinAppDriver: Automated UI Testing Windows Apps in C#

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