Monday, January 20, 2020

Screenshots in Windows 10, how to setup Print Screen to launch Snip and Sketch tool Snagit Competitor

Taking screenshots in Windows 10 with “Snip & Sketch”

Print Screen is a feature often used by SQA people.
Techsmith SnagIt is a very popular tool used in our community.
Today I’m going to show you a free tool which can be used as an alternative to Techsmith SnagIt.

Let’s click the windows button and type snip and open the app.
If you click this icon “new” here it will let you take a screenshot.
The drop down has options snip now, snip in 3 seconds, snip in 10 seconds..

By default when we press Print Screen, a screenshot is copied to the clipboard.
We can configure the PrintScreen button to launch the “Snip & Sketch”.

To do it I’ll click the “Start” button and open “Settings” app.
In settings I’ll click “Ease of Access”
Next I’ll scroll down to open the “Keyboard” option in left menu.
Over here I’ll look for “Print Screen Shortcut” and enable the checkbox below it.

Now let’s press the Print Screen button
A screenshot UI will show up, it gives you various options to copy content from the screen.
The first option lets you snip a rectangular area.
The second one is more interesting, it lets you take a snip in free form.
Lets take a screenshot of the robot’s head.
Now a new popup will be displayed, it will tell you that the screenshot has been copied to the clipboard.
Let me click to open it.
If we save it as “png”, the area around the selected snip will be saved as transparent.

So in today’s video, you learned about Windows “Snip & Sketch” tool.
You learned how to launch it with Print Screen key.
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If you press Alt + Windows  + S key, the snip tool will start.
If you press Alt + Print Screen only the currently selected window will be screenshotted but snip & sketch won’t be launched automatically.

Note: To make free video recordings of screen you can use Windows 10 Game bar, this will compensate for another Snag It feature for free.

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