Friday, November 14, 2014

Interview Questions on Socket Programming

Socket programming is used to make computers exchange data. It is an uncommon topic and not many programmers come across it in their professional career.
This blog post outlines several questions which might be asked from someone in an interview for a position that involves either writing code for network applications or managing a team of people writing network programming code.

The questions listed here are worth reading and knowing the answers to these questions in general means you have a sound top level understanding of computer networks work.

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1. A host is a machine that is hosting a software capable of communicating over the network. Yes/No?
2. A host is identified by an IP Address which is unique inside a network. Yes/No?
3. In enterprise scenarios, a host name is translated into an IP address by a server called:

  1. DHCP Server
  2. DNS
  3. LDAP Server
4. An IPV 4 IP address is a group of __???__ numbers, each 8 bit in size with a value between 0 to 255.

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5. We find the IP Address of our computer using a DOS command which is

  1. tracert
  2. ipconfig /all
  3. ipconfig /flushdns
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6. Every computer contains a finite number of ports which is

  1. 1024
  2. 65536
  3. 99999

7. The client process and the server process must be running on two different machines.
8. A pair of an IP address and a port number is used by the server process to listen for incoming connection requests, this pair is called an __???__

9. A client processes's attempt to connect with a server process can fail for various reasons including

  1. Windows firewall has blocked the client process or server process from using the network.
  2. Server IP address supplied to the client is wrong
  3. The server process is not started at all
  4. All of above

10. Telnet is a free utility, it is always enabled on every PC. Yes/No?
11. We will enable Telnet __???__ from the "Add Remove Programs" dialog "Turn Windows features on or off"
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