Self Glorification

Naeem Akram who?

I'm a multi talented and curious person. Growing vegetables(kitchen gardening) is one of my passions, blogging is my second love, programming was my 1.5th love, I had been with a couple dozen girls(I wish!) before running into C++ which means one of them would've been the first love.

Video game arcades and child molesters

I was maybe 6 or 8 when I started playing video games in arcades full of child molesters. Most of them were Afghans let into Pakistan because of an idealist army general's high ambitions fueled by CIA money.

Computer games were my first interaction with computers and I believe video games were my first true love(I lied to the girls even when I was a child!)

Being a computer programmer and not creating games has become quite a source of guilt lately. Some might argue that we eat meals everyday but that doesn't mean we need to cook as well, this is bull shit and I strongly disagree.

I also write poetry, and tell bad jokes in a voice so loud that proximity could damage your ear drums easily.

More than the code

People tend to define themselves by their work, I don't do that. I believe we are much more than the work we do or the college we go to.
I got two very cute, naughty, loving and sometimes depressing children. I am their father, I also got a wife to whom I'm a husband. For my parents, I mean a world. They too are my most important grown ups people in my life.

Entrepreneur Freelancer

Tried to go solo in July 2013, stayed a lone wolf till March 2013 and then joined a safe full time job. My head keeps buzzing with ideas but I feel like I can't just put those to practice, lack of execution is a weakness. That's why I was thinking maybe I could just share my ideas with the world as soon as one pops up in my head. Maybe I will write a "Big Book Of Ideas" some day.

The trainer

I teach a course about TCP/IP socket programming on Udemy, the online course market. A link is given below

TCP/IP Socket Programming for coders & students

My Linkedin Profile


  1. Its saying the cocos-project.json is not found when i run the cocos compile command

  2. Haroon, I'm sorry I don't know how to help you since I haven't done anything with Cocos2D-X for about a full year. :p


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