Cocos2D-x Game Programming

Cross Platform Game Development Using Cocos2D-x and C++ on Windows


  • Article 1 in this series

Getting started with Cocos2d-x Cross Platform Game programming using C++ on Windows, Pre-requisites

  • Article 2 in this series

Cocos2D-X How to create a new project(Android, iOS, Windows)

  • Article 3 in this series

Compile Cocos2D-x Project For Android Game Development

  • Article 4 in this series

Cocos2D-X Game Development in Android Studio

  • Article 5 in this series

Cocos2d-x Hello World Practical Game Programming

  • Article 6 in Cocos2D-X Game Programming series

Use Cocos2D-x Actions & Sequence for animation and callback lambda functions

  • Article 7 in Cocos2D-X Game Programming series

Handle Touch Input in Cocos2D-X Mobile Game

  • Article 7 in Cocos2D-X Game Programming series

Cocos2d-x Animating Objects with OnTouch and RunAction

Cocos 2D-X is a cross platform game development engine, it can be used to develop apps as well. This series of articles is intended to provide a comprehensive how-to guide from a learner's perspective.
I started learning Cocos2D-x a few days ago, with version 3.4. I am an experienced programmer, still it took me a while to figure things out. First of all it was not clear where I will be writing code. I downloaded the Cocos package from Cocos2D-x website and I thought it will be enough for my needs.
It dawned on me later that things were not as simple. There are many tools involved in generating a game. For Cocos2D-X, the tool chain is rich but diverse. We need several tools to get started.
Couple days into the exploration process I produced the first article in this series, which covers what needs to be installed in order to create Cocos2D-x games.
Later articles also flowed naturally as the learning progressed.
I hope stuff described here will be useful for a few people, and at least some will benefit from it.
Feel free to share ideas and get in touch, I'm a real human :)

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