Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Windows Services and Event Logs

Short video demonstrating event viewer events created by installing and running a Windows Service.
The course can be seen here "Windows Service Programming in C# .Net For Coders & Students".

Point in showing the Windows event viewer here is to give the student a general sense of how Windows Services operate. The exercise also prepares them for debugging in future, where they might get stuck in a production scenario looking desperately for clues.
If anybody has got any questions on the subject, I'm always available to answer those.

Just by a stroke of sheer luck, I have done a lot of work on Windows services on my full time job. I show how to do it using C# .Net in this course but as a matter of fact I've created Windows Service applications using C++ as well.
That was for a thing that acted as an intermediary between NEC NEAX telephone exchange and Avaya handsets. Our thing would allow users to invoke a call recording web service from their IP phones.
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  1. Let us take a quick look into Windows Event Log
  2. I will click start button and type Event Viewer and open it
  3. The event viewer can take a few minutes to load the data
  4. Let’s Expand the node ‘Windows Logs’
  5. I’ll Click the sub-item ‘Application’
  6. I will Look for ‘Udemy Windows Service’ in the ‘Source’ column
  7. When I click on an item in the list, the lower half of the window shows some stuff in ‘General’ and ‘Details’ tab
  8. The General tab will have the message your application would’ve written to the Windows event logs.
  9. Now click on the ‘System’ node under ‘Windows Logs’
  10. If you didn’t install this service a long long while ago, you will be able to find an event related to service install near the top of list view.
  11. In our case, I’ve found the event related to service installation. It says ‘A service was installed in the system.‘

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