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What Is Automated UI Testing? How Can My Online Course Teach You Automated Testing w/ Appium In Easy Ways?

In the following article, you will get a thorough insight into why you should start learning UI testing from Udemy right now!

I will split up the article into the following subheadings to make it easier for you to skim through:

  • Introduction
  • What is UI testing?
  • Where can I learn Automated UI testing?
  • Why take the Udemy course? Is It pocket friendly?
  • Features of “Appium WinAppDriver UI Automation Testing Windows Apps in C#”
  • Why taking this course in lockdown time is the best?
  • User Reviews of this course 
  • Best ways to get exposure to automated UI Testing


UI or User Interface is the front end of your application that your users interact with on their screens. 

While User Interface (UI) Testing is a procedure used to test if the application is working accurately. UI testing can be performed physically by a human tester, or it tends to be performed automatically with the utilization of a software program. Automatic UI testing is the atomization of manual test tasks.

UI is a broad concept that can include both GUI and Command Line Interfaces (CLIs).

What is UI Testing?

Anything the user is probably going to do, might do, or can do, or regularly more significantly can do however shouldn't have the option to do with your application while it is running, is a piece of the UI. 

From each click of a button to entering in of data. You need to test what is expected to work, yet also what is required to fail. 

Here's a couple of model scenarios of areas to test, what happens when the client: 

         Adds another column to a matrix, and enters all the fields accurately, does it save the information? 
         Clicks done, before all the fields are entered, does it permit them to proceed? 
         Clicks cancel; when all the information is entered in, does it dispose of the considerable number of information? 
         Enters in an end date that is before a beginning date? 

For all of the logic, your developer adds to make a point to ascertain values effectively, add data, change data, explore your application, and so on, ought to be tested. So how would you do it? Automated UI Testing indeed.

Where Can I Learn Automated UI Testing?

There are quite a few platforms that provide authentic courses for you to master in this particular area of expertise. 
I am listing below some blogs, websites, and youtube channels that are a must watch to learn automated testing.
Based on my experience, I have listed down all the important blogs, websites, and Youtube channels that are a must-watch to learn automation testing.
         Free Training Tutorials -Guru 99 - Basics of Testing and Automation
         Naveen AutomationLabs

Out of all these worthy places to head to, my personal favorite is Udemy! And why is that so? I will explain that in the following section.

Why Take Udemy Course For Automated UI Testing? Is It Cheap?

Since people do adore things that are offered at low cost with great quality. Udemy is centered mainly around students, and as clearly Students, by and large, can't manage the cost of Costly course material in this manner, the majority of the Udemy courses are fairly priced. 
Udemy even offers free courses that are no far from the paid courses.

The content quality is the thing that makes it one of the most famous Online Learning Platform. 

One more thing with Udemy Course producers is they turn out Coupons, which decrease the cost for their specific course. Some even part with 100% off coupons to their top-notch courses that are worth several dollars. 

This causes them to get more users to reach and connect with, and these advantages the students too.

Automated Testing with WinAppDriver in C#

The course contains 59 lectures for now, you would be able to learn:
  • Automated Testing & UI Automation with Appium, WinAppDriver in C# .Net on Windows 10.
  • Desktop automation for RPA and functional testing of Windows/WinForms applications with Appium WinAppDriver in C# .Net, Visual Studio.
  • Windows Automation in Appium and WinAppDriver.
The author keeps adding more videos and source code samples to the course based on student feedback.
Two new sections have been added already.

The course content is enlisted below:
  • Introduction to UI Automation of Windows Applications with Appium WinAppDriver.
  • Finding and Manipulating UI Elements with [Appium] WinAppDriver for Automation.
  • Using Automation Framework Visual Studio Unit Test Framework(MS Test).
  • Fusion: Combining [Appium] WinAppDriver plus MS Test Framework.
  • Data-Driven Testing with Ms. Test and Microsoft Excel.
  • WinForms Automated Testing with Appium WinAppDriver.
  • Appium WinAppDriver Test Automation General Scenarios.
  • Running Automated Tests Without Visual Studio, Generating Reports, Test Filters. 

Why Learning Automation in Lockdown is The Best Decision?

Utilizing time in this period of worldwide lockdown in putting resources into self-awareness and learning pertinent new aptitudes can assist individuals with keeping up their certainty and inspiration, says Namrata Murlidhar, showcasing chief at LinkedIn Learning. 

While influenced individuals will along these lines have all the more available time on their hands, activities are likewise restricted to the bounds of your home because of broad lockdown measures during the pandemic. 

Jo Cresswell, professions master at occupations site Glassdoor, said that the expanding number of laborers being furloughed "sparkles a focus on the significance of transferable abilities." 
“Keeping yourself stimulated and finding new ways to learn essential skills can make the eventual return to work smoother or open doors to new opportunities in the future, ” said Murlidhar, urging furloughed individuals to also stick to a routine as much as possible.

User Reviews For “Appium WinAppDriver UI Automation Testing Windows Apps in C#”

People who took advantage of learning this course from Udemy left 5-star rated reviews to thank the creator of this course.

If some one is looking for Appium C# desktop application automation with Appium WinAppDriver, this is the only course on Udemy to kick start with.
A screenshot of user reviews is given below. 
Appium WinAppDriver Udemy Course Reviews
Appium WinAppDriver Automated Testing Course Review

Appium WinAppDriver UI Test Automation in C# Course Reviews
Appium WinAppDriver Automated Testing Course review

I hope this article has motivated you enough to start learning from this worthy course.

And if still there is some possibility of a no, then head over to Udemy official site for this course and watch for your own. How important this course is to be learned at this hour of worldwide lock down/QUARANTINE.

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