Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Install and use Telnet Client on Windows

This a a brief video about Telnet, a computer network communication software shipped by default with all versions of Microsoft Windows OS.
In the first section of my online [Udemy] course titled "TCP/IP Socket Programming in C# .Net for Corders & Students"  I use Telnet to connect to a TCP/IP socket server which we code as a part of the course. 
The Telnet is used only in the first section just to make things easier. Afterwards, we start working with out own custom developed client software.
This video will both explain & demonstrate how to install and run Telnet client real quick. 
You may take the course at a 50% discount through coupon code "HALF". It's a good course with hundreds of reviews and thousands of students. I got feedback from a student of distributed programming university course saying that the course had been very helpful to get him through his assignments. 

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